Why Choose Us?

At Bambini Montessori Academy, we provide care and a prepared learning environment tailored to each individual child’s needs in a safe, secure, happy and relaxed surrounding.  Though we are new to our community, we are growing.

There are no compromises with Bambini Montessori Academy when it comes to your children and their learning. We bring best-in-class infrastructure and an environment your kids will love. We are absolutely committed to your children’s success.

We follow the principles of the American Montessori Society. Rather than a traditional group of children seated at desks in rows, a Bambini Montessori classroom is organized to encourage a feeling of independent accomplishment with curated, self-directed work. This learning targets cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development both individually and in small-group environments.

Our process and facility encourage inquiry, independence, and self-motivation across the developmental spectrum.

Montessori Education

Our center provides a Montessori curriculum and follows the Principles of American Montessori Society.

Montessori Kindergarten Readiness

After successful completion of our preschool program your child will be eligible to continue Montessori education at Prince George's Public Schools Montessori Program or another Elementary Montessori Program.

Parent-Teacher Communication App

We use the Brightwheel app to communicate with families throughout the day. Parents/Guardians will receive daily updates and pictures.

Safety and Security

We use the Open Path Security App and only authorized families have access to our facility.

All classrooms are equipped with cameras to provide a safe environment for your children.

Healthy Food Menu

Our center offers a healthy snack menu to promote healthy habits and support your child's well-being. We also maintain a nut-free environment for your child.

Hands-on Learning Materials

Our classrooms are equipped with authentic hands-on Montessori materials that are designed to provide children with opportunities to discover key learning outcomes through repetition and practice.

Mixed Age Classes

Students spend their day in mixed age groups, creating a strong sense of community in class. Younger children gain security from the older students. Older students become leaders and gain confidence from mentoring their younger classmates.

Support for Military Families

Bambini Montessori Academy has partnered with Child Care Aware of America to offer fee assistance to eligible active duty military families. For more information visit

Our Programs

an infant in a colorful jumper crawling up a wooden slope


6 Weeks – 18 Months

At Bambini Montessori Academy your infant  will safely explore the Montessori environment.  Your child will feel secure in the presence of loving teachers.

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Two toddlers stack colorful blocks on the floor.


18 – 24 Months

Our Toddler program offers so much more than childcare. The classroom set up fosters your child’s emerging independence and desire for exploration.

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Two children sit at a table on opposite sides of a teacher with paper and art supplies spread out in front of them.

Children’s House

3 – 5 Years

Children aged three to six are sensorial explorers. They constantly build their knowledge of the world by absorbing every aspect of their environment, language, and culture.

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“It’s only been a few weeks since we started but my baby girl seems very happy at Bambini. She instantly smiles when she sees her teachers and is always happy when I pick her up. I feel like she is well cared for there. I receive pictures and updates throughout the day, and the director of the school has always been very responsive when I have had any questions.”


We have known Ms. Kozlowska for over two years since was both a pre-K and kindergarten teacher to our daughter at Montessori School of Alexandria. She is a great educator, kind, supportive, and an all-around terrific person. She has been wonderful and successful in teaching both in in-person and virtual settings. We are very excited about her new venture: Bambini Montessori Academy! Any parent can be rest assured that his/her child will be taught well, based on Montessori standards.


“The first couple of weeks were a hard transition for us and our toddler. The staff and teachers were awesome about communicating, posting pictures regularly through the daycare app, and reassuring both us and our toddler.

True to their word, after two months, our son now loves school and his new friends. We have no issues getting him out the door; he looks forward to school. His teachers are amazing and we see a huge difference in his social abilities.”


“TWe have a 4 year who has been with this school for over a year. He loves it and we love it. The director is very approachable, understanding, and kind. We are very thankful for Ms. Amanda and Ms. Julia. They are very patient and loving with the kids. The school is very responsive and answer questions right away. We will be sad to leave when our little one goes to Kindergarten!


“I love this place and so does my child; her favorite teacher is Ms. Jasmine. As a parent I deeply appreciate the staff being nice and caring, and the Assistant Director, AJ, really cares about the children and works with the parents. I love the apps they use to communicate, naps, feedings and diaper changes, but most importantly they send me pictures! The facility is clean, organized and well thought of, with rooms separated to keep the ages apart, but structured so that the teachers are able to help each other out. My baby is happy and that makes me a happy parent.”


Justyna is a god send. You can see the passion she has for kids in the way she interacts with them. Knowing my kids are under her care ensures me that they are properly taken care of throughout the day. Seems like every day I pick them up, they’ve learned something new and you really can’t ask for more.

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